You are either for Me or against Me

United Hearts


June 26, 2015

(Given early AM)

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I need, once again, to point out the obvious – that is, the obvious to the morally sound.  If your high court chooses to endorse same-sex marriage by granting such unions the rights of a legitimate marriage, they are encouraging moral degeneration in your nation.  Such an evil decision would affect the future of your country, for Heaven takes account of the state of the heart of your country and acts accordingly.  Do not think because the Arm of My Justice has not fallen as yet, that it will never fall.  Do not think that moral degeneration goes unnoticed by the Creator of all.”

“‘Social justice’ has become synonymous with sin.  It is a label given to the concept of pandering to any evil in the name of the right to sin.  You cannot on one hand promote evil and on the other hand uphold right reason.  Truth does not change to accommodate evil agendas.  Sin is always sin.”

“You are either for Me or against Me.  Evil is uniting against those who choose the Truth.  It is past time for those who live in the Truth to unite.  When you find fault with one another, the cause of Truth is weakened.”


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