August 23, 2015

United Hearts“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Basic to every conversion of heart is the conviction in the Truth.  This conviction must be the realization of the difference between good and evil.  The sole reason this Mission of Holy Love* is so opposed and misunderstood is mankind’s inability to distinguish good from evil.  This confusion is fueled by Satan’s compromise of Truth painting gray areas over black and white.”

“Take, for instance, the matter of prayer.  There is never a good reason to oppose prayer anywhere – not by any authority or person of influence.  To do so, strengthens evil.  Moral issues, when compromised in the name of freedom or to pander to any group, again cloud the lines which must be clearly drawn between good and evil.”

“Many people accept these and other compromises of Truth because it is popular or a chosen concept by people of stature in the world.  It is an evil goal to please man above God!  Civil laws which oppose God’s Laws are evil and direct the general populace towards evil goals.  What chance do such as these have towards conversion of heart?”

“The New Jerusalem is the Victory of Truth over evil.  When I return, as I will, all will be united in the Truth.  Pleasing Me will be first and foremost in every heart.  Evil will be defeated, as everyone will see Satan’s handiwork for what it is.”

“Until that time, you must always seek to keep My Commandment of Love, as Holy Love embraces all the Commandments.  Do not waver in any way to please man.  Stand firm in the Truth.  My Justice mounts in the face of compromise.  Do not think that position, or title, or vocation excuses compromise of Truth or guarantees your salvation.  My Commandments apply to each soul without exception.”


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