August 28, 2015

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, I would like to speak to the world about obstacles to grace.  Any weakness in Holy Love is such an obstacle.  The most obvious would be any sin; but there are others some would just consider character flaws and not number amongst sins.  I speak of unforgiveness, lack of trust in My Provision, a critical nature towards others or rejection of daily crosses.”

“Then, of course, there are the sins of abuse of authority and the compromise of Truth.  These two sins alone are jeopardizing world peace and security as the hearts of leaders are consumed by these errors.”

“There would be no sin in the world if there was no self-indulgence.  Selfishness convinces the soul that what he wants is right.  Self-indulgence makes the soul cling to the world and his own opinion while it opposes humility.”

“Holy Love is the conduit of grace.  The more the soul is perfected in Holy Love the more his heart opens to grace.”



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