October 4, 2015 Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Truly I tell you, the heart intent on pleasing and impressing man is far from the Kingdom of God. Such a soul is easily compromised. True poverty surrenders every choice to the Will of God, holding back nothing for himself.”

“These days, evil has taken over hearts through a disordered self-love aimed at pleasing self above all others and disregarding God and His Laws.* Free will has become its own God.”

“To live in Holy Love means to allow God complete dominion over your heart – always conceding to His Laws.”

* God’s Laws – the Ten Commandments.

October 4, 2015
Sunday Service – Consecration of the Heart of the World to the United Hearts; Unity in Families and World Peace

(This Message was given in multiple parts.)

St. Joseph is here and says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Families must not be based upon falsehoods or decadent moral practices. If they are, they are not a firm part of the foundation in the heart of the world. A marriage, as God planned it, is between a man and a woman in cooperation with God towards the procreation of life. If there is any other interpretation of marriage and family, it is not of God.”

“A strong family unit makes for a strong heart of the world – a world devoted to Truth through Holy Love. These parts cannot be interchanged or compromised and still produce the same end result. Because families are being redefined these days, the heart of the world is compromised.”

“Every family needs to be a cornerstone of Holy Love – in their communities, in their nations and in the heart of the world. When Holy Love is attacked in any family member, they need to invoke me under the title, ‘Terror of Demons’, and I will come to their aid.”

“Tonight, I’m extending to you my Fatherly Blessing.”

Receive the Complete Blessing of the United Hearts of the Holy Trinity in Union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary


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