November 7, 2015

I am your Jesus born incarnate.

“This is the Age of Great Apostasy.  Now, more than ever before, faith is under attack.  Yet the attacks are insidious, not obvious.  Little by little sin is not so much of an issue and is rarely defined from the pulpit.  A whole generation has lost the sense of right and wrong.”

“My Mother came to you as Protectress of the Faith.  This devotion could have saved countless souls and was earmarked for this generation, but the confusion of this age went into motion and her title was deemed unnecessary.”

“I come now to call you back to a firm faith – a faith secure under the protection of My Mother.  Do not be tricked by Satan to think your faith should be based upon reason.  Faith is Heaven’s gift.  It is the belief in something you cannot prove through logic.  Seek My Mother’s help in pursuing and maintaining a firm faith.  She will not fail you under this title.”


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