November 8, 2015

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Once again I come to warn you of leaders who use ambiguous words in order to avoid clarity of meaning.  This is how the line between good and evil has become so obscured.  Such equivocation is intentional and meant to mislead.”

“In the matter of sin, there are no gray areas.  One cannot ‘sort of sin’, but only sin with the full consent of his free will.  Knowledge of what is sinful must be the focus of those who lead spiritually.  This is the responsibility of such leaders – not social justice or finances.  Avoidance of sin and sinful situations is the first step in personal holiness.”

“As I gaze upon the world today, I see tolerance of evil in thought, word and deed.  I do not see the same tolerance towards many worthy efforts such as this Mission.*  I do not see tolerance of prayer in public places.  I see evil being accommodated instead of being confronted.  I watch legal systems supporting evil lifestyles.”

“I use the meditative rosaries you say, My children, to help balance the scale of good versus evil.  Without them I could no longer withhold My Son’s Arm of Justice.  Continue to pray with courage.  Pray that Truth takes over the heart of the world.”


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