November 10, 2015

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, you must live this way.  Seek to please God and not to gain approval of man.  This is an unselfish course to follow.  In doing so, you must surrender love of reputation, material advantage and power over others.”

“The more you live to please God alone the holier you will be.  I continually pour grace into the world to help souls to realize this lofty goal.”

“I do not come here* to warn you of threats to world peace but to warn you of threats to your peace of heart.  The heart is the reservoir of all that is acted upon in the world.  Therefore, My call to each soul is personal holiness in the present moment, for this is the way to avoid wars, terrorism and every sort of violence instigated by error in hearts.  God sees every attempt to live in peace and to please Him through obedience to His Commandments.  Where you disobey, the Father permits error to spill out of hearts into the world.  This is also the doorway to natural disasters.  Understand the importance then of your every effort to please God in the present moment.  Love Him more than man of earth.  Seek God’s approval – not man’s.”


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