November 23, 2015

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“This is a Mission* sent from God to change what is in hearts.  Perhaps it is apparent now, in the face of all this terrorism, that hearts govern actions.  When My Son returns, all hearts will embrace Holy Love.  Until then, I must use you, My dear children, to spread Holy Love around the world.”

“The error embraced by the heart of the world is greater than ever before.  God no longer has dominion over thoughts, words or actions.  Most do not recognize evil or even try to separate good from evil.  For years Heaven has been telling you that what is in hearts spills out into the world.  Thus you have wars, violence, terrorism and a general sense of confusion.  These errors can only be recognized and defeated through man’s cooperation with his Creator.”

“I cannot stress enough the importance of the rosary as the weapon of these times.  With the rosary hearts can be convicted in the Truth, covert plans can be revealed and the enemy recognized and defeated.”

“Jesus has given you the grace of these Messages** which have continued despite opposition.  Be wise enough to listen – to act as you are being led by Heaven and to propagate these Messages.”

“What you witness in the world today is a theological war.  Be the image of Holy Love, thereby standing up for the theology of Truth.”




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