November 23, 2015


Our Lady comes with the Mournful Heart of Jesus in Her Hand.  She extends Her Hand to me (Maureen).  She says:  “Praise be to Jesus.  Please transcribe this prayer.”

“Most Mournful Heart of Jesus, assist me in discerning good from evil.  Help me to recognize the abuse of authority and the compromise of Truth.  In this way, be my protection.  Amen.”

November 24, 2015

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today, you must realize that it is the compromise of Truth in hearts which threatens world peace.  Truth becomes compromised when hearts accept Satan’s lies as Truth.  There are many false religions in the world during these times – religions which are pagan and even encourage terrorism.  Religions such as these embrace evil and oppose God’s Commandments of good.”

“In your hearts, dear children, always embrace good, which is God’s Truth.  There is no one in the world today who knows the time and dates of specific happenings which will unfold on earth as the Book of Revelations so describes.  Only the Father knows these things.  Do not be tricked into thinking you have more or less time to repent than you do.  Make every present moment a gift to God by your efforts in Holy Love.  Pray for those who are deceived.”



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