January 19, 2016

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“With all the miracles I worked in My Public Ministry, people still chose to ignore the reality of the facts and believe in untruth.  Is it any wonder then that the Truths set forth here* in this Mission** are ignored and misunderstood?  Many miracles occur here – the greatest of which is the transformation of hearts through Holy Love.  All the healings and miracles are discounted in favor of ignoring the essence of these Messages*** which could change the future of the world.”

“God’s Wrath and My Justice do not need to be so all encompassing.  The Remnant does not have to be challenged into hiddenness.  But, I tell you, these things are coming unless mankind renews his commitment to living in the Truth.”

“I call each soul to form an ever deepening relationship with the Father and Me, strengthening their faith through a more virtuous life.  Together we can change the course of human events.”


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