January 26, 2016

St. Francis de Sales says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“When every thought, word and action is embraced by Holy Love, the soul mounts to perfection quickly.  The obstacles on the spiritual journey are any flaws in Holy Love.  This is why it is necessary to examine the conscience frequently, and to ask for the grace to see weaknesses in Holy Love.  The soul can only be as holy as he is perfected in Holy Love.”

“Perfection in Holy Love reveals evils in the world which those devoted to the world cannot see.  This is because Holy Love is Truth and sheds the Light of Truth wherever it goes.  The soul who carries Holy Love in his heart becomes a source of light to others.”

“No one can claim to live in the Father’s Will who is not perfected in Holy Love.  The Father’s Will is the sanctification of every soul in Holy Love.  Holy Love is the Divine Will.”


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