February 9th. 2016

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The Deposit of Faith, as handed down through the ages, is supported and even deepened by merit of these Heavenly communications offered here.* The ones who should recognize this, have summarily dismissed them as having no supernatural origin. Quite the paradox!”

“This closed mindedness does not discourage My Attempts to reach the faithful and nurture their faith. This is indeed an age in which faith is not only challenged but denied. Heresy, is not even recognized as such, but encouraged as popular opinion. The Truth that I bring you is feared and challenged more than abortion, homosexuality and the abuse of authority are. If pride was not involved, all I come to say would not be so vehemently opposed.”

“These days, the Deposit of Faith is weakened by the accommodation of sinners who object to correction and sadly are supported legally.”

“When I was on earth, I did not try to accommodate egos. Rather, I came to speak the Truth. It is no different today. I will not be silenced in obedience to man. I pray for a universal conviction of hearts in the Truth. Pray with Me for this intention, which only the Father can grant.”

“Pray this way:”

“Heavenly Father, flood the heart of the world with a sincere conviction of Truth. Help each soul to accept with humility the state of his soul before You. Grant each soul the desire to convert to Holy Love. Amen.”


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