April 17, 2016

Our Lady comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love, holding a globe of the world.  She says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“All people and all nations have the God-given right to be led as to good versus evil.  In the matter of grave sin, the Church has always been distinctly clear so as not to mislead.  Religious leaders today have no less of a responsibility in this regard and must not leave the door open to speculation.  To do so is to shirk their responsibility.”

“This is the reason this Mission* exists, to protect the Tradition of Faith during these current, everyday struggles with ambiguity.  My Heart is your Refuge against evil and your protection against confusion.  I do not confine My efforts to the confusion within the Church, but I offer you this sacred Refuge as you try to sort through political choices.  All of the sins now protected by law such as abortion and same-sex marriage, must not be supported by newly elected political leaders.  These are moral issues not political issues.  You do not comprehend the gravity of the consequences when nations support such sins and disregard God’s Commandments. ”

“Turn to God and allow Him to lead you as one by one others fail you.  Do not seek change to accommodate your own will but always seek the safe confines of God’s Will through His Commandments.  With a sincere heart be God’s instrument, not the tool of Satan.”

“Dear children, change the pattern of your thinking to be Christ-centered.  If you listen, God will listen to you and the future can be changed.”


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