June 14, 2016

St. John Vianney, Cure d’Ars and Patron of Priests says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“In the world today, there is no sense of sin.  This is the bad fruit of a lack of knowledge between good and evil.  A person in sin who dies suddenly without a chance for repentance has no chance for salvation.  The fact that sins are now culturally acceptable denies the necessity of being in a state of grace in order to achieve salvation.  Every priest should teach about sin from the pulpit.  This is his opportunity to lead his flock along a road of sound spirituality.”

“This topic of sin and of a state of grace must never be compromised to please man.  It is the priests’ job to steadfastly hold his followers to the uncompromised Truth between good and evil.  It is necessary also for a soul to be in a state of grace – that is without unrepentant grave sin – in order to receive the Holy Eucharist.  Catholic priests have the responsibility of making this known.”

June 15, 2016

Our Lady comes as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love.  She says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Despite what the world accepts as Truth, we must continue to oppose abortion and homosexuality.  These are serious sins in God’s Eyes.  Decades ago these would never have been considered as alternatives.  Today, however, those who speak out against these crimes are the ones under attack.  This represents the moral degeneration present in the world today.”

“I have come to correct the soul of the world and to pull mankind back from the brink of disaster.  I have come to warn you of the dangers of abusive authority and the compromise of Truth.  If My intervention goes unheeded, many of the self-righteous will fall to ruin, as their ways are self-serving and not of God.  It is the hour of great distress and grave decisions which will determine the future.  Bear the responsibility of this generation in the Light of Truth.”


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