October 27, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“When dishonesty becomes a character trait of a person, it touches and becomes a part of everything the person says, does or thinks.  It is like a poison that seeps through the cracks of the person’s existence – contaminating his goals and priorities.  Such a person cannot be trusted with responsibilities or with overseeing the welfare of others.  This has always been so, however now more people are in the limelight that have proven to be dishonest.”

“If I told you depth of corruption in government circles, you be appalled.  You can readily see how the mainstream media and even the F.B.I. have been compromised in favor of one candidate over another.  Do not naively believe that dishonest people would support an honest election.  Every weakness in the system will be exploited.  This is all fed by a disordered spirit of ambition which is kindred to the spirit of dishonesty.”

“Honesty is the broom which must be allowed to sweep away every compromise of Truth.”


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