November 29, 2016

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Good will always be challenged by evil until Satan’s final defeat when I return.  Therefore, understand there is not time to become complacent in any victory over evil.  Be on guard and arm yourselves with Truth.”

“Truth is the weapon which destroys Satan’s lies and reveals his plans for what they are.  Therefore, Truth is the victory of good over evil.  You must not think that any one person can be victorious over every evil by himself.  Much prayer support is needed – especially in the case of your president-elect.  He is a strong leader but cannot be left to fight the battle on a mere human level.  The world is engaged in spiritual warfare, which is portrayed in terrorism.”

“Each one of you is in this war as well, as Satan tries to lessen your desire to pray and sacrifice.  Each of you needs to be courageous in overcoming his evil attacks.  The first step is to recognize his actions which oppose your prayer.  Then take countermeasures.  All of you are involved in this worldwide spiritual war is some way.  Pray for wisdom.”



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