December 4, 2016

“I am your Jesus Born Incarnate.”

“I caution you, there are outside agitators investing in promoting dissent in your country.  They do not want your president-elect to be strong in his leadership.  Their motive is to confuse the people and eventually lure your nation into the One World Order.  But their tactics do not stop at promoting unrest.  They hope to weaken the money system.  With a weakened economy, your country would have less influence worldwide.  You can see that these agendas have already been promoted by your current administration.”

“I tell you solemnly, not to support good, strengthens evil.  You cannot stand idly by trying to decide if you should support the new president or not.  Once again, I remind you – not to choose is to choose.  Your nation will be as strong as the unity of its citizens behind your new president.”

December 4, 2016
First Sunday Family Night Service – For the Conversion of the Heart of the World St. Joseph is here* and says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“During this season of Advent prepare your hearts with Holy Love for the coming of Jesus.  Let your hearts become as little stables, little chapels of Love ready to welcome Him.  Each family then will be like little chapels of Holy Love.”

“Tonight, I am extending to you my Fatherly Blessing.”

* The apparition site of Maranatha Spring and Shrine.


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