December 22, 2016

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“This season you are in is a season of love, peace and joy.  These days, however, mankind searches out love, peace and joy in all the wrong ways.  He seeks fulfillment in his own will, not in loving and accepting God’s Will.  This is the way the enemy has infiltrated governments, religions and inspired every sort of action contrary to Holy Love.”

“The competitive world promotes success in worldly ways.  In Jesus’ Eyes, success is in littleness – hiddenness.  The world opposes genuine virtue and supports the disingenuous in the forms of guile and secret agendas.  These are always accepted through self-love.”

“The more the soul can die to self, the more he will be at peace – the more he will experience the love and joy deep within that only God can give.  This peace is genuine, unflappable and unprovoked by any problem.  It does not come to you through anything the world holds dear.”


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