February 7, 2017

Mary, Refuge of Holy Love says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“The soul of your nation is being restored to reflect more closely the Will of God and Christ-like virtue.  Of course, Satan is encouraging disputes, but as these efforts bear no fruits, this nation, as a whole, will begin to prosper and lead once again as this becomes apparent.”

“Leadership which supports righteousness is so important right now, as you have whole nations and ideologies in opposition to Christian ideology.  You must not be afraid to stand up for Christian standards and ideals.”

“I am leading your nation out of darkness now under My Title ‘Refuge of Holy Love’.  Jesus desires this whole nation be a Refuge of Holy Love – a spiritual refuge which draws people back to obedience to the Commandments.”

“So, as the soul of your nation is resurrected, claim victory for Christ.  Live the victory by merit of your thoughts, words and actions – always choosing good over evil.”

February 7, 2017 second Message

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“These days your country harbors many dangerous people – criminals and those here illegally – in what is termed ‘sanctuary cities’.  These profligates are a threat to the law-abiding American public.  They are unaccountable as to background or actions, all in the name of charity.  This is distorted thinking.”

“I have come today seeking a different kind of sanctuary – a nation tolerant of Christian beliefs, conservatism and traditionalism.  After the unprecedented grace of your presidential election, I have strong people in place now to make this happen.”

“I desire My Mother, Refuge of Holy Love, be Patroness of this sanctuary nation and every effort to return to the Truth.  In the sanctuary cities, there is no effort to separate good from evil.  In this nation of Holy Love, every grace will be given to do so.  If you cooperate with the graces given, this nation will be a sanctuary of Truth, love and joy.”


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