May 13, 2017

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady comes as Our Lady of Fatima.  She says:  “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today marks the 100th Anniversary of My Apparitions at Fatima (Portugal).  In 1917, it was a much simpler age, although the world was engaged in war.  My Warnings and Solutions around a worse war went unheeded until it was too late.  Then you had World War II.  Millions (37 Million) died while authorities debated over the authenticity of My Message to the world.”

“Today, I continue to come to many nations.  Sadly, the same thing is happening – only on a grander scale.  The years since My Apparitions in Fatima have been marked by wars and intrusive dictatorships.  Yet, My Intervention sent from Heaven* is once again scrutinized and met with skepticism and disbelief.”

“The most important Message coming into the world now is Holy Love.**  Your victory over the evils which threaten you is the victory of Holy Love in hearts.  You cannot negotiate with evil.  You must pray that through Holy Love evil is recognized and conquered through peaceful means.”

“The Triumph of My Immaculate Heart will be one with the Victory of My Son’s Sacred Heart.  You had a peaceful softening of Communism and the Berlin Wall came down without bloodshed.  I pray God’s Merciful Heart will once again soften the hearts of the renewed Communism now taking shape in Russia.  Evil collusions are in the making involving areas of the world which are continually in a state of mayhem.”

“Your disbelief in what I am telling you as your Mother is a threat to your security.  History proves Me justified in saying this.”

“Turn to God’s Mercy.  Pray for Holy Love to win over hearts.  This is My Peace Plan for the world.  Unite behind this effort.”

* The apparitions of Maranatha Spring and Shrine.
** The Messages of Holy and Divine Love at Maranatha Spring and Shrine.


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