Items to Order

Rosary of the               1- Decade Rosary                Rosary  Bracelet                     


Item #RotU1                    Item #RotU2                    Item # RotU3

Large Rosary of the Unborn with SPANISH PAPER booklet               Small Rosary of the Unborn with ENGLISH booklets Discounted 10 Pack              Rosary of the Unborn Double-Wrap Bracelet (Medium, ENGLISH)


Chaplet of the Unborn                                                       Finger Card,Pack of 25

  Item # RotU4                                                                                  Item # RotU5

                                                 New Design! Rosary of the Unborn Finger Cards (25 pack)






  Booklet#01                   Booklet#02                             Booklet#03

Heaven Speaks to the Heart of the World (Booklet)

Conversations with Divine Love (Booklet)                      Divine Love, 2nd edition (Booklet)

Booklet#04                        Booklet# 05                           Booklet# 06

Truth (Booklet)                Purgatory: Messages to the Visionary Maureen...(Booklet)                  Our Lady Gives the World the Rosary of the Unborn... (Booklet)

     B#07                                   B#08                                   B#09

Messages from St. Thomas Aquinas on the Chambers of the United Hearts (Booklet)                Messages from St. John Vianney...(Booklet)                  Messages from St. Peter on Temptation (Booklet)

       B#10                                     B#11                                   B#12

Lessons on the Virtues; 2nd edition (Booklet)                 Holy and Divine Messages for Priests (Booklet)                  Messages from God the Father 2nd Edition (Booklet)

       B#13                                      B#14                                  B#15

Visions of Saints (Booklet)                  Devotion to the Mournful Heart of Jesus - English                   The Revelation of Our United Hearts (Booklet)


St. Michael's Shield of Truth Devotion (Booklet)

We also have Scapulars of the United Hearts


Please contact me on : < >

about the Donations for  each Item!



More Items to follow!


God Bless you ,

Rosary of the Unborn Australia & New Zealand


5 thoughts on “Items to Order

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    • Hi Pamela,

      The St. Michael’ Shield of Truth and Devotion is small Booklet of 44 Pages with Messages of St. Michael, and Our Lord for the World, it contains St. Michael’s Shield of Truth Prayer and more! The Donation for it is $5,00, and I can send it to you if you would like!

      Payment is through Paypal, and you are very welcome to send me an email!

      Warm Regards and God Bless you,

      Christine Lammermann



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